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General Election With Shane Coleman – The Final Countdown

Newstalk’s Political Editor Shane Coleman joins Leon Blanche to run over the latest talking points in the run up to Friday’s vote in the Irish General Election.

Revolving Taoiseach?
Could an 8/1 revolving Taoiseach process be put in place?

Second General Election in 2016?
From 11/2 to 7/4, a second vote in 2016 is a real possibility.

Who will form the next Government?
Fine Gael/Labour being re-instated has drifted to 10/1.

Most Seats
9/1 Fianna Fail? It’s not beyond belief for Shane Coleman.

Seats Per Party
A wipeout is on the cards for Labour & Shane Coleman is doubtful they will make double figures.

Shane Coleman pinpoints a 7/4 value bet for a Fianna Fail seat.

Best Bet
Shane Coleman searches for a best bet and Leon pushes him to call the outcome of the Election.

*Prices correct at time of publication.