The Good, The Bad & The Odd! The New Kits Of 2018/19

The new season is almost here so why not take a look at some of the good, bad and very, very odd kits that will be worn all across Europe this season?

The Good.

1. Juventus – Home

Statistically you, or someone you know, owns this shirt*. What is sure to be the most purchased jersey this year is a Juventus classic. The iconic black and white stripes are a winning formula very hard to get wrong but this one will go down as a legendary kit for ‘The Old Lady’.

*May or may not be true

2. Newcastle – Away
newcastle-18-19-away-kit (2)

There’s a wonderful nod to a classic Newcastle strip here. When you see this jersey you can’t not think about Geordie legends like Les Ferdinand, David Ginola, Philipe Albert’s moustache…

3. Napoli – Home

Napoli’s kits for the new season are interesting (more on that later) but there is a very good reason why their home kit is on the good list. It might not seem obvious at first glace but there is a panther’s face on the front of the shirt. How can a jersey with a panther on it not be on the good list?

The Bad.

1. Manchester United – Home

This is hard to explain. United may never have a worse home shirt than their gingham/tea towel effort from Sir Alex Ferguson’s last season at Old Trafford but this one pushes it pretty close. If you think it’s maybe not that bad? Remember that there’s red socks to go with this!

2. Liverpool – Away

Liverpool’s kits have been spectacularly hit or miss for the past few years and this one is pretty clearly a miss right?

3. Celtic – Third

If a kit hurts your eyes there’s a good argument for it being taken out of circulation and destroyed from all existence. This third Celtic kit fits into that category.

The Odd.

1. Napoli – Goalkeeper

We mentioned before that the Napoli kits this season were interesting. Although the home shirt with the panther on the front makes it’s way onto the good list, the snakeskin goalkeeper kit with snake tongue on the back belongs on the ‘Odd’ list. What is going on here?

2. Wycombe Wanderers – Goalkeeper

There has always been a trend among goalkeeper kits to lean towards the outlandish. Wycombe (again) have leaned all the way into outlandish territory with these.

3. Eintracht Braunschweig – All
braunschweig-18-19-kits (1)

These kits are actually quite nice but they make it onto the odd list, obviously, because they used a lion to model them.