Interest Still High In Specials & Charity Bets

Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby

Outright Betting

There has been massive interest thus far in the Boylesports special markets on this year’s Derby which can be found on

Some of the specials have already been completed but, there are still plenty of specials available such as Winning trainer, nationality, seed, gender of trainer and a greyhound to win the Derby without winning a heat.

There is also three charity bets still standing, the two dogs left with charity bets running on them are Laughil Blake and Skywalker Farloe.

The winning trainer market is topped by Laughil Blake’s trainer Michael O’Donovan currently at 5/2, Liam Dowling who rattled off a double last week in the Quarter finals with Vulturi and Ballymac Vic is priced at 11/4, Tyrur Sugar Ray’s trainer is next at 4/1 and it is currently 8/1 bar.

The winning nationality market is a one sided market but, if you fancy a British trained winner you can back them at 10/1 to land the winner’s prize. The winning seed market I find extremely interesting, there are nine inside seeds, two wide’s and a sole middle seed.

The inside seed’s are favourites at 8/15 and there main players are the likes of Tyrur Sugar Ray, Ballymac Vic and Vulturi however, the wide seed’s despite lacking quantity they make up for it in quality with Laughil Blake and Skywalker Farloe being there representatives, for me at 6/4 I think they are the most likely winners. The sole middle seed is the Peter Cronin trained Borneo who is available at 16/1.

The gender of the winning trainer is also quite a lob sided market as the male trainers dominate at 1/6, they have all bar two runners representing them in the final twelve and for me they deserve to be as short as they are because it is very hard to see past them.

The females are double handed by Frances O Donnell and Rosemary Price, the two dogs representing these trainers are Deanridge Pennys and Skywalker Farloe and despite being drawn in the same heat, there is every chance the females will have a representative in the final on the 13th of September.

We also have an intriguing special priced up which is ‘A greyhound to win this year’s Derby without having won a heat’ this is currently priced at 3/1 and there are currently five of the twelve remaining runners who are yet to win a heat.

It is hard to believe that at the semi-final stage almost half of the field are yet to win a heat, the dogs representing this price are Barefoot Agent, Deanridge Pennys, Homeless Boy, Ivy Hill Prince and Skywalker Farloe.

I am sure this will apply to plenty of people who love an underdog story and don’t forget this year’s English Derby winner Salad Dodger didn’t win a heat till the final!!

Boylesports also offered some greyhound tipsters the chance to win money for the Retired Greyhound Trust Ireland and of the 10 tipsters there are still three bets standing at the semi-final stage.

Tony Ennis of Sky Sports and the Irish Examiner’s Tommy Lyons are both represented by Skywalker Farloe. The lads put there €100 win on Farloe before the competition started at 12/1 and he is still in the competition and he will run from trap 6 in the 2nd semi on Saturday night.

My selection Laughill Blake is the other charity bet still standing and I have €100 win on him at 16/1.

I did however have to use the safety net of the Boylesports cash back offer to get this far after my original selection Boylesports Hero suffered a bad injury in the opening round and thanks to the cash back offer I was allowed to re-invest and I went for Blake after the opening round and he is now the outright favourite.

Fingers crossed between us we can raise some money for a cause which means a lot to everyone connected with the game.