Kerry Can Test Dublin’s One Weakness

Dublin v Kerry

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The way the season has went this year, it’s very hard to look past Dublin and their aim to win five All-Ireland SFC Finals in a row.

Kerry Character.
After a naive first-half in the semi-final, Kerry showed immense character against Tyrone in the second-half when we all thought Tyrone might win.

A large amount of credit goes to the management team who made changes at half-time which Tyrone just couldn’t cope with. It shows you the strength and depth that Kerry have and how their young players are maturing.


Kerry Mindset.
The mindset of Kerry will be to stay in the game as long as possible. I don’t expect Tommy Walsh to start but I do think he could cause some bother by putting him in the full-forward line as a sub, especially with his height and movement.

It gives them the option of putting the high ball in and if Dublin have one weakness about them that hasn’t been tested, it’s the high ball.

Walsh is an old-school type full-forward and it O’Donoghue, Geaney and Clifford can work off scraps from him they’ll get goals. Although, this Dublin team always find answers to any problems they face. It’s a case of, “whatever you score, we’ll score more” with Dublin.

You have to admire this young team for reaching an All-Ireland Final and I think it’s safe to say everyone except people from Dublin are crying out for a Kerry victory! Kerry will play with a sweeper but it’s just a question of who will take that role? I’d expect Paul Murphy.

Kerry have natural forwards and a real ability to cause damage to Dublin in the first 45-50 minutes and for the good of football I’d love a Kerry win.

Unfortunately I can see no other outcome than Dublin running away with it in the last ten minutes and winning by 7-8 points.