Kerry & Dublin Punters Win €60,000 On EuroMillions

BoyleSports customers are on a Lotto roll of late with three large wins totalling over an astonishing €60,000 payout all on the Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw.

The first customer, from County Kerry, had a 25c Super Yankee* totalling €6.50 on the five numbers 5, 15, 25, 35, 45. Only four of the five selected numbers were drawn which resulted in a return of €9,902.75. The number that let this punter down was 5 and had it been drawn, this punter would have walked away with €170,000!

The second customer also came from the Kingdom and had €1 on the same four numbers that saw them defy the odds of 33,000/1 and bag a staggering €33,001.

The final large EuroMillions payout was in County Dublin where a 50c Yankee* totalling €5.50 was placed on, again, the four numbers 15, 25, 35, 45. The lucky punter scooped an incredible €19,856 as a result of the bet.

Over the weekend we had two customers net €30,000 between them on their Lotto bets and just as we began to recover from the hit, three customers doubled that payout to €60,000 between them in one foul swoop.

It is remarkable to see all three customers win such substantial amounts on the same four numbers on Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw. The winnings will no doubt make for a very merry Christmas and we wish them all the best while spending it.