Liverpool Fan Insists He’s Not Getting Carried Away

Liverpool fan insists he’s not getting carried away despite Premier League winners tattoo.

It’s a big day for Liverpool fans who insist they’re not getting ahead of themselves no matter what happens at Anfield.

If Liverpool were to win they would go 9 points clear of Manchester City and if there’s anything Liverpool fans know it’s the pain of letting big leads slip in the title race.

“Look, it’s only November”, a Liverpool fan told us, brimming with confidence, “Even if we beat them today there’s a long way to go.”

“So many things can go wrong before the end but we’d have two hands on the trophy and they may as well blow it up if we win today. It’s all over”

When asked about the Premier League winners tattoo he insisted it was a joke. “I’ve gotten a few of them at this stage, I’m good mates with the tattoo removal guy at this stage”