Liverpool Will Exploit Real Madrid’s Defence In Champions League Final

I tipped up Liverpool to win the Champions league when they were 12/1 after the knockout stages and I think that was a massive price considering the teams that were left in the competition.

Super Reds
I think anyone that watched the two legs of Liverpool v Roma will know that it was never a 7-6 aggregate score. Liverpool were much more convincing than that score suggests.

I thought it was comfortable enough night for the Reds in Rome. The gloss was taken off slightly when they conceded two late goals but in the grand scheme of things it was comfortable over the two legs.

Looking ahead to the Champions League final, I think Liverpool have a great chance against Real Madrid. It’s very much a 50/50 game. It’s one of those games that you look at where you think mistakes will probably be made.

I was in Madrid midweek for Real Madrid v Bayern Munich and it really was a brilliant game to be at; the atmosphere was unreal, but there were a lot of mistakes made by Real on the night.

We know Liverpool make mistakes defensively so I think we will see two attacking sides going at each other; there are a lot of goals in either side as well as a lot of mistakes in either side so we’re in for an entertaining game.

Real Madrid look vulnerable defensively and Liverpool can exploit that. They have a mighty chance of winning!

Wenger woes continue before exit
It was a disappointing night for Arsene Wenger losing to Atletico Madrid and losing their chance of Champions league football next season. It will be interesting to see who replaces him at the Emirates as there are a lot of names flying about.

Luis Enrique seems to be the strongest one mentioned in the last couple of weeks I think.

Arsenal have to regroup and become more solid, particularly against the lesser teams. It wasn’t a terrible performance against Atletico but they never looked like they were going to beat them at any point.

Atletico enjoyed the defensive side of the game and that’s something that needs to be instilled at Arsenal; enjoying defending and seeing games through. This hasn’t been characteristic of Wenger’s sides and it needs to be re-instilled back into the Arsenal dressing room.

Overall we will recognise Wenger for the great servant that he has been to the club. He has had a great career at Arsenal but when the new manager takes over we need to see big changes behind the scenes and on the pitch if Arsenal want to move forward over the next few years.

Now that might take time, it won’t necessarily be an easy transition but I think they will get it right in years to come.

They’re a big club with a lot of finance behind them so they have to be big Premier League challengers in the next five to ten years and it could well indeed take that long before they become seriously competitive again.