A Look Back At The Last Time Liverpool Won The League

Liverpool travel to the Etihad to face Manchester City on Thursday evening knowing that a win will bring them within touching distance of their first league title since the 1989/90 season.

1990 was a long time ago, so lets remind ourselves of some of the most important cultural moments of the time.

West Germany win the World Cup
In one of the greatest kits of all time and complimented by some truly remarkable perm and mustache combos (Absolutely looking at you Rudi Voller) West Germany triumphed in Italy in the 1990 World Cup. The last World Cup to feature ‘West’ Germany was the first to feature the Republic of Ireland. The Irish adventure was ended by some Italian bloke called Salvatore Schillaci.

M.C. Hammer.
There was some absolute classic songs released in 1990. Sinead O Connor cried through ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’, Jon Bon Jovi went down in a ‘Blaze of Glory’ while the Saw Doctors ‘Useta Love Her’. One of the most memorable images from the 90’s was born when MC Hammer released the video for ‘U Can’t Touch This’. As an ode to the last time Liverpool won the title we suggest Jurgen Klopp collects his winners medal in parachute pants.

Donald Trump
In a famous interview with Playboy magazine the future President of the United States explained his life and worldview this way: “The show is Trump, and it is sold-out performances everywhere.” He also walked out of an interview because he didn’t like being asked about the financial viability of his Atlantic Casinos. Good to know the Presidency hasn’t change him much.

The Simpsons
In a landmark moment for tv, The Simpsons debuted on Fox for the very first time in 1990. The show is still running now but after an incredible run of quality and success, the famous family’s standards have dipped. It had its best days in the mid to late 90’s when Liverpool were arguably at their worst. Is the rise of Liverpool linked to the decline of the Simpsons? No. It’s not.

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