Lotto Luck In Galway As Two Punters Scoop €18,803

Two Galway punters overcame the midweek blues when their lucky numbers came up in the same Lotto draw seeing a combined windfall of €18,803.

The first, most profitable customer, placed a €1 accumulator and a €1 bonus accumulator (included the bonus ball) on the same four numbers, 9, 10, 16 and 19 in their local BoyleSports shop to be revealed during Wednesday’s Irish Lottery Main Draw.

Defying odds of 7,500/1 and 3,800/1 all four numbers were drawn and saw a return of €7,501 for the accumulator and €3,801 for the bonus accumulator, resulting in total winnings of €11,302.

The second Galway native used their online account to take on the odds if 7,500/1 for four numbers in the same draw. Placing just €1 on the numbers 1, 9, 10, 30 proved to be a profitable move when they all were drawn, transforming their humble €1 stake into an incredible €7,501.