Lucky Kildare Punter Pockets Over €6000 for Just 3 Lotto Numbers

One lucky punter in Co Kildare is celebrating today after scooping a tasty four-figure sum thanks to just three lucky Lotto numbers.

The anonymous punter placed a bet in a BoyleSports shop in Kildare on Friday and invested €4 on three numbers to come out in the main EuroMillions draw later that evening.

They were left waiting on numbers 15, 17 and 38 to roll out, but the odds took a nosedive as the balls started rolling in their favour. All three eventually landed, beating odds of 1,500/1.

The stroke of good fortune saw them walk away with a grand total of €6,004.

Our Lotto odds are there to be shot at and the rewards can be significant even from small stakes.

We have to applaud our Kildare customer who proved just that on Friday by winning €6,000 and we hope they revel in their big payday.

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