Madden NFL To Predict Super Bowl 50?

Denver v Carolina

Money Line

As the countdown narrows in for Super Bowl 50, where Denver Broncos (2/1) take on Carolina Panthers (2/5), punters are taking advantage of more than just the match bets.

Video game Madden NFL stunned sporting fans last year when it correctly predicted not only the winner of Super Bowl XLIX, but the correct score also. They have released their predictions for this year’s match which is Carolina 24 – Denver 20.

However, odds of the EA Sports game making it two from two are large at 50/1.

The time honoured tradition of drenching the winning coach in Gatorade is just one of many spectacles fans can look forward to at the Super Bowl. The question always crops up of what colour the Gatorade will be and we’re tipping Orange at 4/7 with Clear or Water next at 11/2 and Yellow priced at 6/1.

No doubt fans and organisers hope the Super Bowl goes off without a glitch, but disasters such as a delay caused by a power outage (14/1) or an earthquake during the game (16/1) are available for pessimistic punters.

The commentators to reference Jim Carrey’s comedy Ace Ventura by bringing up “Ray Finkle” or mentioning “Laces Out” are also amongst the specials at 33/1 and 6/1 respectively.

The person whom the game’s MVP will thank first is another market gaining interest from punters, with his teammates at the top of the list at 6/4. God is on offer at 3/1 with Nobody a close third at 7/2 and the MVP to be conceited and thank himself first is a longshot at 100/1.

*Prices correct at time of publication