Man Utd Fans Prepare For Long Stay In Underground Shelter

Tickets for a newly opened underground shelter for Man Utd fans have sold out in record time ahead of Sunday’s clash with Liverpool.

Red Devils fans are preparing for the worst ahead of their meeting with the European Champions and some have already begun the process of saying goodbye to family members for the foreseeable future.

“Things are bad, but if we get thumped on Sunday it will be the end of the world so I got my ticket early” one prepared Utd fan told us.

The shelter will be fully stocked with up to 2 years’ worth of supplies and countless DVDs from the glory days and will be completely sealed off from the outside world.

“It might seem drastic but I feel like I have to do it” another fan told us. “Maybe after another few transfer windows we’ll be in better shape and Klopp will have left. Then it might be safe to go back.”