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Marcel Desailly Settles The Mbappe vs Haaland Debate

Legendary French footballer Marcel Desailly settles the Mbappe vs Haaland debate in an interview with us here at BoyleSports.

The former AC Milan and Chelsea star believes that one of the two superstars has ‘more elements to his game’ while the other he has labeled as more of ‘a fox in the box’.

You can find out who Desailly rates as the better player below plus his thoughts on the potential of Mbappe joining Chelsea or Liverpool on a season-long loan.

Mbappe vs Haaland – The Best Player In The World Right Now

I’ll try and be objective because my first thought is Mbappe. His use of the ball and speed is amazing.

Messi is now out of that conversation, he has gone to MLS, there is a drop. He’s a brand benefiting from who he is and what he’s done.

Today, I will say Mbappe and not Haaland. When you look at the last three Champions League matches with Haaland, he did not perform up to his usual level. He was magnificent at the start. He’s a fox in the box, but the rest of the game you don’t see him. One-twos, dribbling, you don’t see that yet.

But when you look at Mbappe, wow, the speed and dribbling, scoring. He’s a leader too. There are more elements to his game.

An Mbappe To Chelsea Loan?

I love the business of Kylian Mbappe, the way he has handled himself. Two years ago he was supposed to be leaving on a free the following summer, then he negotiated to stay in Paris on a tremendous contract.

I’m surprised to see fans continuing to judge Mbappe and other footballers in the modern era in the way I feel they do. We are talking about business.

Sport is all about competitiveness, intensity, hard work and technique and when you look at football now, it has grown in an impressive way. As fans we all hugely enjoy the likes of the World Cup, Champions League and Premier League.

Mbappe will go where he wants and we all know he wants to go to Spain and Real Madrid have wanted him before.

His dream is to go to Spain and Chelsea are a club trying to readjust and readapt. But I’m not sure he suits Chelsea, at this time though. They are a club trying to rebuild their foundation on a winning mentality.

After winning lots of trophies they have been inconsistent and there has now been a drop for Chelsea after winning the Champions League in 2021.

I don’t think Mbappe will be interested in Chelsea. He wants a team who are already at the very top. When I look at the Chelsea squad, I’m not sure they’re at the very top at the moment and I suspect Mbappe may have the same impression.

Mbappe To Liverpool On A Loan?

Liverpool are not at the end of a cycle, unlike Chelsea. The choice he has to make is not one or two years but four or five. So when reports talk about a one-year loan, I don’t see that.

But Liverpool have not sold most of their players, they have managed to keep a foundation at Anfield. They had a drop after many years of doing well, which was linked to selling Sadio Mane. They did not replace Mane with someone who was going to be as good, someone who had his philosophy and impact.

I do believe Liverpool could suit Mbappe to fill that hole.

I was interested in joining Liverpool in 1998, they made a good proposal. But the area didn’t have a French school for my kids and the lifestyle was a problem compared to London.

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