Big Brother

Marlon’s Gain Is Ashleigh’s Loss

Big Brother 2014

Outright Betting

Five faced eviction this week as The Big Brother house reverted back to normal ways with nominations going ahead after weeks of the Power Housemate dictating whose heads were on the chopping block.

However, immunity was up for grabs in the shopping task and after the news broke that Marlon who was 11/8 to go claimed immunity, Northern Irish teenager Ashleigh is the number one suspect to go. Having been installed at 4/6, she has since shortened right into the 1/8 favourite to be evicted on Friday.

Poor Christopher may as well have received the Killer Nomination in week one as he is up for eviction for the fourth week running but at 5/1 could be hanging around to spread Christmas joy for another week. Chris’ timid nature has seen housemates become quite sceptical of him with some suggesting he is the biggest game player in the house; however at 16/1, it seems the public are on his side.

Jale is taking the Killer Nomination in her stride and doesn’t seem fazed at the prospect of potentially leaving the house and so she shouldn’t at odds of 33/1.

It may be Christopher’s four week up for eviction but with Ashleigh’s antics in the house seeing her get a bad reception with the public he could life to fight another week.