Mayo Mayweather Punter Sparks Out BoyleSports

The Mayweather v Pacquiao fight in the early hours of Sunday morning had the biggest turnover in history for a boxing match for BoyleSports.

One punter in Mayo certainly had a lot of faith in Floyd Mayweather than most of the country as he placed a €38,000 cash bet on him to win the fight at 40/85 which saw him win €55,882 as a result.

Mayweather bet

The Mayweather V Pacquiao took the nation by storm and our traders have reported that the boxing match is by far the biggest turnover to date.

The county Mayo punter who placed €38,000 cash on Mayweather certainly got value for his money but no doubt had shorter finger nails come the end of the match as he had to wait till after all 12 rounds to see Mayweather crowned the winner on points.

Fair play to him for showing the balls to put such a large stake on those odds but when it’s value, it’s value.