Most Ridiculous Football Tattoos!

Many people when getting inked, choose to get a loved one’s name tattooed on their person. Not this Bulgarian.

He decided to get his own name stamped on his forehead, his own name now being Mr. Manchester United. It’s quite possibly the most ridiculous football-related tattoo we’ve ever seen, but there’s been many contenders as you can see below.

Cole Sore

Most football fans of a certain vintage remember where they were when Andy Cole’s out-of-the-blue transfer from Newcastle United to Manchester United was announced. Robert Nesbitt surely does. As he’d just got his favourite Toon player tattooed on his leg.

Mad Mackem

However, it seems fans in the North-East never learn. After just seven games in charge of his club, one Sunderland fan had controversial manager Paolo di Canio inked on his back, unperturbed by the speed of his club’s turnover of managers or the fact it looked more like Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt than the controversial Italian. Di Canio was sacked less than six months later.

The Chosen Bum

No airplane banners flying over Old Trafford for this Man United fan. He displayed his displeasure with David Moyes’ doomed reign by getting “Moyes Out” tattooed on his behind. And to celebrate the Scot’s dismissal, he added “Job Complete”, as if his tattoo was the deciding factor in the manager’s departure.

Sign Your Name Across My Heart

At least Cole and di Canio actually spent some time at these tattooed fans clubs. In 2009, many Manchester City fans got carried away after their mega-bucks takeover, none more so than Chris Atkinson.

Convinced that Kaka was about to join the club, Atkinson rushed out to get the Brazilian star’s name tattooed on his chest. Kaka decided to stay at AC Milan instead. Let’s hope a hapless Manchester United fan doesn’t follow his lead and get the names of players his club are heavily linked with inked on his body. Would there be enough room for Vidal, Blind, Reus, di Maria, Hummels, Alonso, Strootman, de Jong, Benatia…

This fellow City fan obviously didn’t learn from Atkinson’s premature inking.

Dropping Your H’s

At least this Chelsea fan only had to make another visit to the tattoo parlour to rectify his badly spelt attempt to honour his club’s Champions League triumph.

E’s Are Good?

Like a jaded raver in the early 90s, this Toffees fan’s had one too many e’s.

Underhand Tactics

This Cardiff City’s fans aversion to apostrophes was a blessing in disguise with the side now languishing back in the Championship.

Rare Owl Times

The owl is traditionally a symbol of wisdom but not for this Sheffield Wednesday fan, who got a tattoo of his club’s crest but forgot to check the year they were established. Which was actually 1867.

Neymar Tears

Maybe there’s another Neymar out there that only the tattoo artist is aware of?