The One Where Man Utd Are A Giant Mess

Friends celebrated it’s 25th anniversary this weekend so in tribute, this week’s review will have a slight hint of Central Perk about it.

West Ham 2-0 Man Utd
So everyone told you life was gonna be this way. Your jobs a joke, Pogba’s broken, your attack is DOA. It’s like you’ll be lucky to reach 7th place. When you haven’t won away in weeks or months, in nearly a year.

Sky Sports Studio
The one where Keano reminds Carra he ‘almost’ won the Premier League.

Man City 8-0 Watford
The one where Gerard Deulofeu was almost perfect but no one cares because City scored 8.

Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool
The one where Chelsea thought they had scored. But they hadn’t and then they refused to mark Firminho from a free kick.

James Maddison
The one where James Maddison gets a new bag

Leicester 2-1 Tottenham
The one where Tottenham took a 2-0 lead but still managed to lose 2-1

Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa
The one where Arsenal are almost as bad as Man Utd but do just enough