Online 50 Cent Punt Picks Up Profit In Kildare

There were celebrations in Co Kildare today as a tiny Lotto wager transformed into an astounding five-figure sum in the blink of eye thanks to a lucky run of numbers.

An anonymous punter is thanking their lucky stars after placing just €0.50 on four numbers to come out in Tuesday evening’s main EuroMillions draw via their online BoyleSports account.

They needed all of 25, 32, 37 and 43 to roll out of the machine and snapped up mega odds of 33,000/1 against all four landing.

But that’s exactly what happened as the draw unfolded, meaning the lucky customer was able to log back into their account and see their balance boosted by a stunning loot totalling €16,500.50.

Hats off to our Kildare customer who proved the big wins don’t necessarily require big stakes.