Planes? Fans? Wenger? Arsenal Are An Embarrassment

It’s getting very difficult to talk about Arsenal these days without laughing.

Plane Madness
Not one but TWO planes fly over the Hawthorns in one of those embarrassing moments that is the hallmark of the modern fan:

“Hey, look at us, this £500 was well spent, we may even get on Match of the Day Mum!”

The away support, split straight down the middle. One of the best away supports in the country to be fair, one set putting up “No new contract, Wenger out”, the other singing pro-Wenger songs.

What about on the pitch? West Brom are known for a third of their goals coming from set pieces.

So Arsenal players duck, dodge, cheat (for that is what it is, cheating your teammates) to almost get out of the way of the likes of Dawson and co. who couldn’t have had more of a run at the ball, more of a “come on in and score” if they had been giants attacking under-11 players.

Arsenal football club are an embarrassment. Bumped out of Europe with an ease that had the Bayern Twitter account laughing out loud at their “opponents”. A board of directors so out of touch with the reality opening up around them. They are blind to six or seven (not one or two) clubs who can outspend them, attract players more than them but are keeping a manager in situ who just simply looks clueless. Arsene after all went out of his way to name the West Brom threat and what did he do to stop it? Nothing.

Alexis doesn’t get out of this unscathed either. I always wondered how a hard-working, technically brilliant goalscorer was let go by Barcelona. I can now see why.

When things don’t go his way, he throws his arms in the air and is more than happy for others to carry the can.

Dirty Sanchez
His performance, despite scoring, was that of a man who looks happy to let the spotlight shine on Wenger rather than helping his team to win a game. I honestly was undecided as to whether Alexis was a great pro getting frustrated or a bit of a snake just doing enough for himself but letting his manager down. I’m leaning towards the latter. And that may be the reason Barca let him go. Not as good a dressing room influence as many think.

Planes, clueless manager, child-like defending, greedy and ignorant board of directors, split fans and they may well lose their top four halo this season.

Your legacy was the Invincibles Arsene, if this goes on it will be a bitter mess.