Pochettino Needs To Learn Game Management

When you’re watching Tottenham in Europe, you just feel like there has to be a change of style at some stage.

Can you sit in? Can you force Juventus to come out and play? I don’t think Tottenham can and I think that left them too vulnerable in the second leg. They just continued to go on and attack.

You may think, “well that’s just the way that Pochettino plays” but

there has to come a time when you focus on managing the game.


Take Juventus as an example, they managed the game brilliantly. They had two moments, they took them and then they saw the game out. A brilliant defensive display in the end. That is ultimately what got Juve through to the next round.

The Selling Club
The biggest clubs in Europe are undoubtedly going to be chasing Harry Kane’s signature this summer.

He has continuously said that he doesn’t want to leave, that he wants to become the all-time leading goalscorer at Tottenham, but overall, this deal is all about Tottenham. It’s about the wages they are willing to pay.

It’s about them matching Harry Kane’s ambition.

They’ve got to be challenging for the Premier League. They’ve got to break the bank to keep him there essentially.

Then you’re looking at the likes of Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderweireld. Alderweireld look as though he could be leaving. Is he going to be the first one to leave with a queue behind him? That’s the way you feel as an outsider looking into the Spurs setup. They’ve got to seriously break their pay structure to keep all these players.

If Real Madrid came in and tested Tottenham with a £150million bid, would Tottenham be liable to sell him? We’ve seen over the last 10 or 15 years that they have been a selling club. We’ll see if that’s still the case when a Madrid or Barcelona or PSG or any club of that size come knocking.