Premier League Week In Review: Episode 3

In the spirit of Michael Owen and Alan Shearer tweet-slapping each other we decided this week’s review should look back at some of the biggest battles of the past week or beyond in some cases.

Michael Owen v Alan Shearer
Don’t be fooled. This whole Michael Owen v Alan Shearer beef is all designed to sell a book. A very dangerous book in fact. One that’s even more dangerous in audiobook form. But don’t worry, we’ve slapped a warning on there just to be safe.

1_Owen-Book copy

Harry Kane v Diving
Richard Nixon said if the President does it it’s not illegal. Harry Kane says if I throw my feet into the defender and hurl myself to the ground it is not a dive. Pundits say if it’s Harry Kane who dives it is not a dive.


Jurgen Klopp v Whoever took that goal from Trent Alexander Arnold.

Salah v Mane
Sadio Mane had every right to be upset with Mo Salah for not passing to him when he was in a better position to score. There’s no way he would have done the same thing…

Jack Grealish v VAR & Kevin Friend
Sure it was a ridiculous decision and if it happened to your team you would be absolutely within your rights to go ballistic. But it happened to Jack Grealish so it’s actually pretty funny.

Phil Neville v Being Humble