The Premier League Week In Review

The Premier League Week In Review.

Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal
We would like to congratulate Nicholas Pepe on being the first person to dribble past Virgin Van Dijk in a very long time. Arsenal did very, very easily lose the game but still, they’ll always have that dribble.


A reminder not to judge a player on one appearance. Dani Ceballos came back down to earth against Liverpool. But it’s probably not fair to judge him on this performance alone either.


Man Utd 1-2 Crystal Palace
Another missed penalty. Another David De Gea mistake. Daniel James celebrating an equaliser. The return of Ashley Young. Another disappointing home defeat for Man Utd. You could almost start to feel sorry for Man Utd fans. Nah. Did you know Slabhead hates playing Crystal Palace?


Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle
And you thought losing at home to Crystal Palace was bad? Fair enough, this was a bad result but Tottenham are nowhere near as bad as Man Utd right?


Norwich 2-3 Chelsea
Yes Tammy Abraham scored his first Chelsea goals. Yes Mason Mount scored for the second match in a row. But the main story from this match is the growing cult of Pukki. Pukki for the Ballon D’Or!


Bournemouth 1-3 Man City
Manchester City always seem to..uh..find a way* Jeff Goldblum voice.


Sheffield United 1-2 Leicester City
Jamie Vardy’s school teacher: “Jamie what would you like to do when you grow up?”
Young Jamie Vardy: