Punter Defies 650/1 Odds and Transforms £8 into £5,208

A UK based BoyleSports customer eliminated their Sunday fear after their three lucky numbers came out in the Spanish lottery, bagging them an incredible £5,208.

The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, placed a £8 treble through their online BoyleSports account on the three numbers 8, 34, 39 to be drawn in Saturday’s Spanish Lottery main draw.

Defying odds of 650/1 all three numbers were drawn, transforming this punters €8 into an fantastic £5,208 windfall.

We regularly report on Irish customers winning big on the Irish lottery or EuroMillions, but it was our

UK customers’ turn this weekend after their three numbers on the Spanish lottery turned £8 into £5,208.

It’s certainly one way to beat the back to work blues on a Sunday.