Punters Banking On White Christmas In Dublin

If you are to believe what you read then we had better all wrap up as the so called experts are predicting one of the coldest winters of all time.

Punters are quickly getting on board and have hammered the price of snow to fall at Dublin Airport at any stage during the month of December from 4/5 into a very short price of 1/3.

Although the children would love some snow around the time of Father Christmas, all of those needing to travel for work commitments will be hoping the forecast is wrong.

The coldest day in Irish history currently stands at -19.1C and it’s currently 66/1 that the record is broken in December.

We are all dreaming of a white Christmas as the song says, and a couple of shrewd customers have made our traders clip the price into 5/1 from 7/1 for snow to fall at Dublin Airport on December 25th.

*Prices correct at time of publication.