Punters Draw Out Six Figure Sum

As Tipperary and Kilkenny prepare for their All-Ireland Hurling Final replay, yet again, we will be running their Drawing Interest offer…

…for the final time this season.

Drawing Interest offers cash back on First Last and Anytime goalscores and Winning margins if a Senior Football Championship or Hurling Championship match is a draw at Half Time or Full Time. The generous offer has proved profitable for punters as it clicked twenty-two times resulting in a massive six figure sum refund throughout the course of the season.

The biggest payout was on the Hurling Final which resulted in a draw and returned a six figure cash refund.

Last Sunday’s Football Final was a draw at Half Time and once more, we gave punters some consolation after refunding over 1,600 bets for this event alone.

Drawing Interest was a new and exclusive offer to Boylesports customers and proved to go down a treat with over 15,000 bets and a whopping six figure sum being refunded throughout the Senior Football and Hurling Championships.

With the Hurling replay this Saturday, no doubt punters will be looking forward to a draw at Half Time to end the year with yet another Drawing Interest click.