Questions Need To Be Asked Of Klopp At Liverpool

Given the results he’s been getting I’d have to say Jurgen Klopp has been getting an easy ride from the media.

Klopp’s Easy Ride?
Defence was something he needed to address when he took over at Liverpool, and he hasn’t addressed it. He hasn’t gone out and really looked to solidify his defence.

We all know that Liverpool are brilliant going forward and great to watch offensively, but how many times have we watched a Jurgen Klopp side – or a Brendan Rodgers side, or whoever the manager was over the past four or five seasons at Anfield – play exactly the same sort of way.

They can only go and outscore sides. If they need to go and score three or four goals to win games, that can’t be right. That’s not the sort of side that are going to go and win the league title. You only have to look at Chelsea last season or Leicester the year before – how strong they were defensively. That’s where they built the platform from to go on and win games.

Liverpool need to seriously change things.

I’ve loved Klopp since he was at Borussia Dortmund, I love they way he reacts to questions in press conferences, I think he’s infectious. But he’s not addressing the issues that are seriously affecting his team on the pitch, so questions have got to be asked of him.

Predictable League Cup
There’s been very few shocks in the League Cup, it’s been quite predictable. You only have to look at Burton Albion, what they did with their side going to Manchester United. I know myself, from coming up through the leagues, that if you got the opportunity to play at Old Trafford you’d have jumped at it.

So for Nigel Clough to play a weakened team or a second-string side going there, meant there was only going to be one outcome. It just shows where the clubs are these days. Clough knows that playing in the Championship is more important to him than going on and progressing in the League Cup.

I wouldn’t even necessarily call Leicester City beating Liverpool a shock, given what the Foxes have done against Liverpool – particularly at home – in recent seasons.

The strength and depth of a Premier League squad now suggests that even if they play a weakened team, they still have a number of serious internationals that they can choose from.

It makes it difficult now for lower-league clubs to go to Premier League sides and get a result.

Rio Ferdinand In The Ring
I wouldn’t fancy it myself despite having done a bit of boxing training over the years at different clubs! I would have been a big boxing fan myself over the years though, as has Rio.

I wish him all the best but would never want to see him get hurt in any of the bouts that he’s going into. You’re looking at Super middleweight, Light heavyweight, Cruiserweight, that sort of division and there’ll be some serious hitters in those sort of divisions. You would hope that his fighter is chosen properly for him.

It’s a different kettle of fish when you’re in there fighting these lads that have boxed a number of rounds, so I wish him all the best but I don’t know how long it’s going to last. It seems to me a bit like Andrew Flintoff when he went into the ring a few years ago, and it was more for the boxing training to get in the ring and just have one or two fights.

I can’t see Rio Ferdinand having a career in the sport.