Rosler To Blame For Latest Leeds Debacle

Uwe Rosler only has himself to blame as he finds himself without a job after only 12 games as manager at Leeds United.

The ex-Man City forward was sent packing by ruthless owner Massimo Cellino on Monday before he’d even warmed up his seat but it was a sacking far too predictable to evoke any sympathy for the German.

Rosler is the rarest of breeds being a popular German in England having enjoyed four years at Maine Road and eventually returning to manage Brentford and Wigan having come through a cancer battle years previous.

Inducted into City’s Hall of Fame in 2009, he harbours ambitions of one day striding the touchline at the City of Manchester stadium as commander-in-chief and has even named two sons after City legends Colin Bell and Tony Book. Of course their mouths need fed and Rosler needs employment but taking jobs under the likes of Cellino is counter productive to such lofty ambitions.

Cellino says he sacked Rosler because he wasn’t loud enough. But it’s only the latest excuse churned out by the indecisive Italian. Before Rosler, Neil Redfearn was described as a baby before he was shown the door. Cellino briefly accepted responsibility for Dave Hockaday’s brief stint before blaming the run of poor results.

Of course he’s not blessed with the gift of hindsight, but you’d think the Leeds owner would do a bit of homework on his new managers before employing them. You’d think wrong.

His policy is suck it and see and if it doesn’t taste right, spit it out. And don’t just take my word for it, because Darko Milanic (the one before Redfearn) was unleashed with this glowing reference from his new owner:

The coaches are like watermelons. You find out about them when you open them.

Six games later, he was gone.

Not much needs added to the already damaged reputation of Elland Road’s hirer and firer. Shortly after his dismissal of Rosler he was disqualified by the Football League following his second conviction for tax evasion.

His record in the football boardroom doesn’t make for fancy reading either. He went through 36 head coaches in 22 years at Cagliari and just appointed his 5th manager at Leeds before heading to serve his time-out.

All things considered, you must question the wisdom of any manager taking up employment under a man of Cellino’s reputation.

Steve Evans, who was promoted twice as manager of Rotherham, is a man you would expect to have eyes on bigger jobs. Instead he takes over at Elland Road where a manager averages 14 games when appointed by the current owner before getting the boot.

No Surprise
Rangers manager Mark Warburton who worked with Uwe Rosler at Brentford has spoken of his shock at the latest swing of the revolving door at Leeds:

“People need a chance to build foundations. What other workplace would operate like that? I find it quite incredible.”

He’s right about his first point. But the only incredible thing about this latest debacle is that the man known as ‘the manager eater’ has found another boss desperate enough to sell himself out and become latest puppet to slouch in the Leeds dugout.