Roy Keane To Be Next Rep. Of Ireland Manager? Michael Owen’s Verdict

Roy Keane has been there and done it at the top level. He’s very knowledgeable of the game and he clearly watches a huge amount of it in his TV role.

Those are the views expressed by former England international footballer, former on-the-field foe and TV Pundit, Michael Owen who has been a regular on British TV since retiring from the sport in 2013.

Owen as recently as 2019 argued that Keane’s brand of brash honesty may be outdated in the modern day but that hasn’t stopped him from talking of Keane’s credentials for the Republic of Ireland role.

Along with the management credentials of Roy Keane, Owen also discusses the prospects of Irish Footballers. First Galwegian Alex Murphy (who currently plays for his former club Newcastle) along with Corkman Caoimhin Kelleher who is currently a backup keeper at Owen’s former side Liverpool.

Roy Keane To Become Next Rep. Of Ireland Manager?

Roy Keane has been there and done it at the top level. He’s very knowledgeable of the game and he clearly watches a huge amount of it in his TV role.

He’s also been in the Ireland setup before as both a player and an assistant. He’s ruffled a few feathers in both roles!

I think some people would be head-over-heels about his appointment, and others would question if he’ll ruffle too many feathers!

*Roy Keane is the 3/1 favourite to become the next Republic of Ireland Manager according to the latest football betting odds at BoyleSports.

Alex Murphy The Next Young Star For Newcastle And the Republic of Ireland?

There are a lot of young players at Newcastle who are starting to get a chance due to the injury situation.

The Republic of Ireland were such a good team when I was growing up. They had so many great players and they were hard to beat. I’ll always remember the 1990 World Cup squad!

It does, however, feel as if they’ve been struggling in recent times and perhaps Alex Murphy gives them a bit of hope. The nation has a few emerging players now, and perhaps we’re in a new era.

Alex Murphy is an exciting new player and if he doesn’t get a chance now, then he never will!

Is Kelleher Good Enough To Be Liverpool’s Back-up ‘Keeper?

There’s always going to be a drop-off when your goalkeeper gets injured. Arsenal are the only potential exception!

It’s inevitable when your ‘keeper gets injured, but apparently, Alisson isn’t injured for long, so I don’t think speculating on that is relevant. I do, however, think Kelleher could have done better with at least one of the goals against Fulham.

Jurgen Klopp has gone on record saying Kelleher is the best back-up goalkeeper in the league, and he has done very well when he’s come in previously.

I thought he could have done better against Fulham at times, but I don’t think Alisson will be out for long, and it’s quite clear that he’s one of the best in the world. There’ll always be a drop-offs

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