Scotland Shorten Further To Say Yes To Independence


Outright Betting

Scotland will break its ties with the United Kingdom if asked to vote again in a referendum if the latest odds are to be believed in the wake of the general election results.

The Scottish National Party took the scalp of Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson in a haul that saw them win 47 of the 59 Scottish seats in Westminster, an increase of 11 on their 2017 result.

Leader Nicola Sturgeon said the results represented a “renewed, refreshed and strengthened mandate” for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Independence was rejected in 2014 when the ‘No’ side won with over 55% of the vote, however the odds are now saying a different outcome would result from a second referendum.

We have made it 4/6 from 10/11 that the ‘Yes’ side would come out on top,

…while an endorsement of the 2014 position is now an outside 11/10 after drifting from 10/11 overnight.

*Prices correct at time of publication