SPOILERS! How GOT’s Final Season Is Like Man Utd’s League Season

So I think we can all agree that Season 8 of Game Of Thrones has been a bit of a let down.

What we expected to be a satisfying, exciting and fulfilling final season has descended into a farce.

When analysing Season 8 you can’t help but notice the similarities it has to Manchester United’s most recent, most depressing Premier League season.


In Game Of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen has long been billed as the saviour of Westeros. She seemed like the perfect candidate to take the Iron Throne in spite of her never ruling over anything as big as the 7 Kingdoms before. She made everyone believe again and made people think they were on the verge of returning Westeros to its former glory. You see where this is going?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was seen as the saviour of Old Trafford and was the man entrusted to return Manchester United to its former glory. He had not been as successful ruling over sides as Daenerys had been but he knew exactly what the troops needed to hear. There may have been some doubters but he had won battles no one expected him to so everyone got behind him.

Cersei Lannister was seen by many as the greatest villain Westeros had seen in many years and a group of experts and advisors to Daenerys believed that under her rule Westeros would never prosper. Much like what people thought of Jose Mourinho’s rule over Manchester United.

Cold, manipulative, ruthless. Words that could be used to describe either Cersei or Jose.

Both could argue that in spite of their methods and the public perception of them, they were both doing a decent job with what they had. But the masses wanted a change.

When Ed Woodward and the United board gave Solskjaer a permanent contract people expected him to continue as he had been and begin to restore the greatness he had already begun to deliver.

Instead, just as Daenerys had revealed herself as the Mad Queen at the worst possible moment, Ole revealed himself as a Norwegian Clown.

Both Ole and Dany suffered incredible character changes. Dany had been the breaker of chains and a bunch of other names and unquestionably a hero but almost without explanation she turned into a raging maniac intent on murdering endless innocent people.

Ole, seemingly overnight, went from saviour to enormous problem. Winning practically every match while he was in temporary charge but once that permanent contract had been signed everything changed.

While those who championed his credentials and abilities watched on in horror as he destroyed all the goodwill and potential that had been built up, they all realised what a terrible mistake it was to give him so much power.

Much like the characters of Game Of Thrones, this past season has been very difficult to navigate for Man Utd players.

Players who began the season with potential and purpose have, over time, lost their way. To the point where no one knows who’s going to survive and no one really cares about them that much anymore.

Manchester United’s season is over but Game Of Thrones season 8 still has one week to go and while it has been a struggle, at least it’s finished for good. Man Utd will have to suffer more destruction next season.