Spurs Need To Break The Bank…For Lukaku!

Watching the comfy ride Spurs had against Millwall in the FA Cup, I was convinced more than ever of two things.

Firstly they aren’t a million miles away from having the maturity and belief of lifting silverwear.

Secondly, how precarious a position they’re in regarding their squad depth.

We have no idea at the moment how long Harry Kane will be out for, but if it’s anywhere near the spell out he had in the early part of the season then the Spurs juggernaut may well come to a screeching halt.

And before you say “ Alli, Son and Eriksen” all scored against Millwall, all that proves for me, as in the early part of the season that these guys will and can weigh in with goals in the short term, 3 weeks, maybe a month max, but beyond that you must have a specialist striker, and without Kane, they have Janssen, a guy who can’t get on the pitch when Kane gets injured. Damming indeed.

They need to go big in the summer for two reasons on the striker front.

One is back up obviously, but two may be even more important for Spurs and that’s to push Harry Kane onto better things. All great players have competition and I know that in 2017, players are more prissy, more demanding and off quicker when someone takes their place – but Kane is going nowhere for the next couple of seasons at least and maybe longer if the trophies start to come in, so go and break the bank and get someone who is arguably BETTER than Kane, or at least on the same level, and you know who that would be for me?

Romelu Lukaku.

You’re crazy Collymore, Rom isn’t going from Everton! He wouldn’t share top billing with Kane and neither would Harry!

Bear with me.

Seventh is the summit of Everton’s ambitions for the next two seasons.

Agree? I think you do.

That means that as happy as Rom is now, his agent may be getting antsy 12/18 months from now. At that stage Spurs can sell a new stadium, 60 thousand punters, increased revenue, possible regular Champions League football while Everton stay at Goodison and maybe struggle to break an increasingly high glass ceiling.

Imagine either of these fine young strikers in two years time, approaching their best days playing together, or individually, and all of a sudden you just don’t have the problem that Spurs currently face, namely, no Kane, no chance beyond a month or so.

Chelsea, City, United and Arsenal all arguably would be interested if Rom became available, plus many clubs from abroad would be interested but I can’t stress enough that modern players want to live in London, he’s been in the capital once with Chelsea and the way Spurs play, the creativity behind a solo striker or pairing (flexibility that Spurs need over several tournaments) would fit him hand in glove.

Don’t get me wrong Evertonians, I’m not trying to sell your player, but look down the line two years, unless the Toffees win trophies which, with the competition above them looks unlikely, Everton could command big money for Lukaku and if we are all being honest, like Kane at Spurs, unless either win trophies in the next two years with their current clubs, both will be off!!

The old fashioned strike partnership is out of fashion currently, but…

I’m licking my lips at the thought of these two fine young strikers playing together.