The Best Harry Redknapp Quotes Ever!

Harry Redknapp’s been in the news again, making a case for Stoke City’s Marc Wilson to replace Richard Dunne in the Ireland team, in a rather measured statement.

However, the QPR boss has had his fair share of crazy quotes over the years. Here’s our favourites.

1. Redknapp’s irony-meter possibly exploded when he genuinely stated that “Samassi Abou don’t speak the English too good”. Despite signing his fair share of foreign players, Harry’s often found it hard to get to grips with cultural differences. ““With the foreign players it’s more difficult. Most of them don’t even bother with the golf, they don’t want to go racing. They don’t even drink”.

2. ‘Arry revealed his unconventional, yet possibly stereotypical, medical methods when striker Kenwyne Jones picked up an injury at Southampton. ““He took a knock on his ankle but we played him some Bob Marley reggae music and he was fine.”

3. Darren Bent wanted to leave Spurs after Redknapp’s infamous quote about the striker’s poor finishing. Harry suggested that even his “missus could have scored that one” after Bent missed a late header against Portsmouth. The striker was soon jettisoned to Sunderland and Spurs almost signed Sandra Redknapp but made do with Sandro instead.

4. The QPR manager is certainly fond of name-checking his wife Sandra in his soundbites, once revealing her affection – and his – for Portuguese midfielder Dani.

“My missus fancies him. Even I don’t know whether to play him or f*ck him.”.
However, he wasn’t so attracted to Ian Dowie, quipping that “”By the look of him he must have headed a lot of balls”.

Sandra’s obviously not a woman to be messed with, judging by Harry’s reply when once asked by a journalist if he’d received any death threats. “Only from the wife when I didn’t do the washing-up”, he responded.

5. He’s also fond of a self-deprecating quip, dismissing his talent as a player when stating that, “Even when they had Moore, Hurst and Peters, West Ham’s average finish was about 17th. It just shows how crap the other eight of us were”.

6. Old ‘Arry isn’t too shy when criticising players, once discussing his striker’s disciplinary record he suggested that “Hartson’s got more previous than Jack the Ripper”.

7. He’s also been for some decent double entendres, our Harry, once quipping about Paolo di Canio that, “I was going to pull him off at half-time, but he got a piece of orange like everyone else.”.

8. Redknapp also tries to keep up to date with current affairs and was quick to react when Stan Collymore was alleged to have assaulted Swedish TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson. “Collymore should have played for England (against Sweden) last week, I mean he is good at beating a Swede”.

9. Harry hasn’t won that many trophies in his long managerial career and when he did win one at West Ham, he was quick to highlight the length of the club’s trophy drought. “First of all I had to find the bloody cabinet, when I eventually did, I opened the doors and out flew 2 bats, 3 Japanese soldiers and Lord Lucan!”.