Things Man Utd Fans Will Say If They Lose To Tottenham

Tottenham v Man Utd

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Manchester United travel to Wembley on Sunday for the first proper test of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s caretaker reign.

We’re sure you’ve noticed how fans of the Red Devils have re-discovered their voices since their ‘World Class’ displays against the likes of bottom of the table Huddersfield and Neil Warnock’s Cardiff. But Mauricio Pochettino and his Tottenham team could be about to burst the bubble on Sunday.

If they do, these are the things Man Utd fans are likely to say to you:

“Nah, I never said Solskjaer should get the job full time”
Defeat to Spurs will no doubt lead to Utd fans re-evaluating their opinion of their Caretaker Manager and see them go into full retreat. Pochettino will be the best candidate once again…until wins at home to Brighton & Burnley change their minds again.

I can’t watch Phil Jones anymore
Phil Jones is a constant source of anger and ridicule for United fans and the time has long passed when they had any hope for him and you can be sure his ‘Phil Jones’ face will make an appearance on social media if things go wrong. And they will go wrong. Because it’s Phil Jones.

I don’t care as long as Liverpool don’t win the league
It’s true. The most important thing to Man Utd fans now is that Liverpool don’t win the league. Defeat to Spurs can be spun as wanting to help out Liverpool’s title rivals. They don’t care if it makes them sound like Everton fans.

We should have parked the bus!
Jose Mourinho
Attacking free flowing football is great but every once in a while the ‘Way of Jose’ worked against the best teams. No United fans will say they miss Mourinho but if Kane, Alli and Eriksen have their way they might miss having a bus to park in front of their goal.