Three Is The Magic Number For Two Dublin Punters Who Pocketed €13,509

It seems the luck of the Irish is kicking in across the country after two Dubliner’s joined the long list of BoyleSports’ lotto winners, securing a combined €13,509 on Friday evening.

The first, most profitable customer headed to their local BoyleSports shop in the capital and placed €5 on three numbers to be revealed during the EuroMillions Plus Draw.

Defying odds of 1,500/1 their chosen numbers, 3, 18 and 30 all fell out of the machine, transforming their €5 into a tasty €7,505 windfall.

The second customer took on the same generous odds by placing €4 on their three lucky numbers, 9, 19 and 26 to be drawn during the EuroMillion Main Draw on Friday. The gamble paid off to the handsome sum of €6,004.

Dublin wasn’t the only county reeling for lucky lotto payouts, after a Cork native’s €0.30 bet on four numbers on the Euromillion Main Draw clicked, seeing a return of €9,900.30 for their efforts.

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