Three Numbers Deliver Four Figures To Lucky Louth Punter

A County Louth native is celebrating a four-figure windfall today after a tea-time bet paid off in the best way possible.

The anonymous customer placed their wager in a BoyleSports shop in the Wee County on Monday, investing €8 in numbers 8, 10 and 22 coming out in the 49s draw in store.

They were facing odds of 650/1 against all three landing

but that’s exactly what happened in the draw at 4.49pm on Monday evening.

That delivered €5,208 straight into the pocket of the lucky customer, but their win was boosted by three more €4 bets on all combinations of two of the numbers landing, which added €732 to their payout.

They walked off with a grand total of €5,940 winnings from an investment of €20.

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