Top 5 Premier League Opening Day Moments

The opening day of the Premier League season is one of the greatest days of the year!

The slate is wiped clean, hope springs eternal and who knows what the future will bring? With that in mind we’re going to have a look back at some of the great moments from the opening day.


Arsenal 3-4 Liverpool 14/8/16
This was a cracker! It had it all, goals, great goals, terrible defending, everything you would want from a football match. Two teams starting the season full of hope and optimism…well Liverpool were anyway. Jurgen Klopp embarked on his first season in charge with a swashbuckling, heavy-metal performance that we have all grown accustomed to. Arsenal fans were settling in to another disgruntled season of Wenger.


Aston Villa 3-1 Man Utd 19/8/95
This match is famous not just because of the scoreline but it became iconic for what was said after. Alan Hansen went on Match Of The Day and uttered the phrase that would haunt him for the rest of his days. “You don’t win anything with kids”.

He wasn’t on his own in thinking that. United had just endured a horrendous summer where transfer targets weren’t met and doom & gloom was predicted for Old Trafford but against all odds they went on to win the title. Could it happen again this year? No. It won’t.


Sheffield Wed 3-4 Tottenham Hotspur 20/8/94
This is a match where unless you are a Spurs fan or a Sheffield Wednesday fan you probably don’t remember what score it finished or who won or very much about it but there is one iconic moment that you will absolutely remember. Jurgen Klinsmann headed in his first Tottenham goal and then preceded to launch himself onto the ground in celebration and mocking his own (very well deserved) reputation for diving.


Wigan 0-4 Blackpool 14/8/10
On the opening day anything is possible. If you ask a Blackpool fan what the greatest days in his or her life are you’ll get the standard answers; wedding day, birth of children and you might also get the day Blackpool played their first match in the Premier League away at Wigan and won 4-0. Sure they got relegated at the end of the season but for a brief moment in time Blackpool were top of the league. Amazing.


Wimbledon 0-3 Man Utd 17/8/96
David Beckham took a significant step to superstardom on the opening day on the 96/97 season when he ambitiously shot from inside his own half and lobbed Neil Sullivan in the Wimbledon goal. This was one of the greatest Premier League goals scored by one of England’s rising stars and a sign of things to come from Beckham.