James Rodriguez_Bug

Top Footballing Pitch-Invading Creatures

Germany’s squad yesterday had supposedly been struck down by a bug, which didn’t seem to hinder them in their dismissal of France in their Quarter-Final clash.

However, another bug swept through the Colombian squad last night, landing firmly on their star player’s arm. With the internet abuzz with images of James Rodriguez’s grasshopper friend from their defeat to Brazil, we look at some other creatures who’ve found fame on the football pitch.

The Anfield Cat:
With the Anfield crowd feline bored during a 0:0 draw with Spurs it was left to a cat to provide the on-pitch entertainment. The puss (*not in boots) evaded the Tottenham defence, which in fairness wouldn’t have been too hard last season, before taking a rest by the side-lion. There were rumours that then Pool boss Kenny Dalglish was interested in signing the tabby but, having splurged £35 million on Andy Carroll, there wasn’t any money left in the transfer kitty.

The Highbury Squirrel:
Manchester United famously changed from grey kits at half-time during a trashing by Southampton as they couldn’t be seen on the pitch. This grey squirrel had no such problems during Arsenal’s last-ever European match at Highbury. The rodent, quickly dubbed Squirrel Regis, made a brief appearance in the first-half and the sometimes-sedate Highbury crowd went nuts. The bushy-tailed creature was clearly lost though and quickly left the field – perhaps he was supposed to go to hibernate rather than Highbury.

The Blackburn Chicken:
When Venky’s controversially took over Blackburn Rovers, it was hoped that the poultry magnates might pump some money into on-pitch talent. A chicken that invaded the pitch in a clash against Wigan probably isn’t what long-suffering Rovers fans had in mind. The bird, who could play on either wing, was finally caught by Wigan keeper Ali Al –Habsi, the first thing he’d held on to all match. The professional fowl was then escorted off the pitch after 3 minutes of egg-citment.

The Belgian Duck:
Possibly the most famous waddle on a football pitch since the mulleted Chris plied his trade, this duck was top of the bill during a Belgian league clash between Zulte-Waregem’s and Lokeren. However, striker Habib Habibou wasn’t impressed and got roasted by fans and animal rights activists for his vigorous dismissal of the feathered invader. The duck continued to watch the match, however, peking from behind advertising hoardings for the remainder of the fixture.

The World Pup:
Any canine controversies on the field these days usually involve Luis Suarez’s gnashers but England had enough to contend with against World Champions Brazil during their 1962 Quarter-Final without having to catch a dog.. England’s number eight, Jimmy Greaves, caught the number ca-nine before the mutt was led off the pitch, thankfully resisting attacking English sub Peter Swan on the bench or pissing all over defender Ron Flowers. Following a pawful display by England, Brazil held on to their lead and triumphed in a 3:1 victory.