Top Funniest Football Shirts Names

The list of the top ten best-selling football shirts from last season has been released this week and, unlike the Premier League standings, Manchester United topped the table.

Robin van Persie was the most popular shirt, closely followed by Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez. The Dutch striker’s United colleagues Juan Mata, Wayne Rooney and, surprisingly, Shinji Kagawa also made it into the top ten along with Eden Hazard, Mesut Ozil, Sergio Aguero and Frank Lampard.

But some fans don’t go for the obvious names and numbers on their shirts…as you can see below.

One Chelsea fan displays his frustration at his club’s misfiring £50 million striker with this statement shirt. Chelsea’s club shop obviously don’t print apostrophes though.


While I’m not averse to misspellings myself (it was only recently I discovered there was an “H” in Steps), this Arsenal fan either can’t spell or couldn’t afford the extra letter for the Gunners’ new right-back’s shirt.

He could have just ripped the missing “H” off an old Henry, Arshavin, Gervinho or Chamakh jersey. Although he probably spelled them enry, rshavin, Gervino and Camak.


However, it’s not just Gunners fans and people with strong Cockney accents that drop their h’s. Man United’s kitman was embarrassed after dropping this clanger in 1997.


Maybe all these missing h’s were used by Crystal Palace’s Romanian kit manufacturers in 2004. Their glaring error on the club’s crest led to a new chant from the London clubs fans – “there’s only one “h” in Palace”.


While Fernando Torres cost Liverpool around £20 million, their new striker Rickie Lambert was a cut-price £3 million. So, rather than splash out for a new jersey, this Pool fan followed his club’s lead and went for a budget option.


Arsenal’s centre-back pairing sure is a mouthful and would be quite expensive to honour on two separate shirts. So this enterprising Gunner decided to merge the two.


Meanwhile, this cheapskate Argentina fan dispenses totally with official merchandise to produce this garment. We’ve always said Messi has bags of talent but this is ridiculous.


Where to start? This combo is just too gruesome for words.


“Who’s your favourite player then?”. “Oh, Messi. Or Neymar”. An ingenious ploy from this South American fan who simply takes the first three letters of one player and the last three of another to contrive a customised jersey.

Just be thankful this torn fan’s preferred players aren’t Christian Fuchs and Steven Caulker.


She’s mad! And a mum of two! So, how could she let the world know?


Apparently there is a psychopath test that involves a twenty-trait checklist to determine if you are, indeed, a psycho. One of these traits must surely be the inability to spell six-letter words.

And finally, a “hilarious” shirt from this bloke, who should really be a Deportivo Wanka fan.