Tottenham Will Be Planning To Sell Kane

Harry Kane’s first Champions League hat-trick during the week has got tongues wagging at Tottenham and beyond.

Gareth Southgate even found himself fielding a question during an England press conference on Thursday about whether Kane should be spoken about in the same conversation as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

It’s fair to say that’s a little soon but he’s scored six hat-tricks this year and he’s bagged 34 goals in 30 games, more than some clubs in the Premier League. His treble during the week had everything, left foot, right foot, header.

You’d have to say he’s now the most sought after striker in Europe.

Look at the different types of goals that he scores, his hold up play, his intelligence around the penalty area. He’s not one of those strikers who will look to strike at goal if there’s better options elsewhere, he’s unselfish and he creates goals for others as well.

Kane Is Able
He has the all-round game to play for the biggest clubs in the world and that’s why there is plenty of talk on Twitter about Kane and other clubs in Europe.

Now I’d love Harry Kane to stay at Tottenham and guide them towards the Premier League title. I’d love him to stay and give the Champions League a good run too. But we all know the way that football is and also the way that Tottenham have done their business in years gone by.

If a huge offer comes in for their best players they tend to sell.

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Kane move on. If we look at the evidence of recent years, Dimitar Berbatov left for Manchester United, while Gareth Bale and Luka Modric both went to Real Madrid. Tottenham have that history of selling players when they’re at the peak of their game and that’s where Harry Kane finds himself.


Bye Bye Bayern
Carlo Ancelotti fell on his sword at Bayern Munich this week and it seems inevitable that when things aren’t going right at clubs nowadays that they make a change.

It looks a bit harsh on the face of it considering how early we are in the season but it was no surprise that Bayern acted quickly as there had been whispers. You can understand why they wouldn’t have wanted things to drag on for another few months if they knew that things weren’t quite right.

He seemed content to see his contract out until the end of the season and he may well have walked away at that stage anyway so the club are looking after themselves.

There’ll be a host of names who would fancy a job like that. Julian Nagelsmann, Thomas Tuchel and Willy Sagnol are the three names heading the market but even Jurgen Klopp’s name is being thrown around.

He may well be on the shortlist but I can’t see him walking away from Liverpool at this stage.

I’d expect them to promote from within the Bundesliga and knowing the way they operate they probably have had someone earmarked and they’ve possibly already spoken to a candidate before the news about Ancelotti broke.

Vacancies cause a lot of uncertainty and to be honest Bayern looked a bit all over the place against PSG. I really fancied the French side to beat them and they did so comfortably, so no doubt Bayern won’t let this situation linger and there will be a quick appointment. Carlo Ancelotti meanwhile won’t have a problem getting another job, his record speaks for itself.