Trump Backed To Receive Congress Setback At Midterm Elections

Donald Trump is being backed to receive a blow in the upcoming US Midterm Elections as voters get their first opportunity to pass judgement on his Presidency.

Recent opinion polls gave the Democratic Party a 9-point lead ahead of voting in just three weeks’ time, and we’re now giving them a 4/9 chance of regaining control of the House of Representatives.

The Republicans are however a 1/4 shot to hold on to their majority in the Senate, with only 34 of the 100 seats up for election, 26 of which are being defended by the Democrats.

Democratic gains in the midterms could serve as future stumbling block to Trump’s legislative agenda, whilst they also have the potential to increase their ability to impeach the President. Trump is rated a 6/1 shot to be impeached before the year is out, but is just 9/4 to be impeached at any time during 2019.

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