Once, Twice, Three Times A Lotto Winner

A lucky Cork customer hit the jackpot not once but three times on Tuesday evening after their EuroMillions bets clicked.

The first bet saw the customer place €5 on the numbers 4, 5 and 27 in the EuroMillions Plus Draw. All three numbers were drawn, defying the odds of 1500/1 and netting a whopping €7,505.

The second bet was €10 on the numbers 4, 5 and 22 in the same draw. Yet again all three numbers were drawn with a cool €15,010 added to the winnings.

But the customer wasn’t finished there as their third bet was a €1 wager on the four numbers 4, 5, 22 and 43. They were all drawn in the EuroMillions Plus draw seeing the €1 stake turn into a whopping €33,001.

The customer’s total winnings for their €16 stake netted a mouth-watering €55,516 in total.

Good things certainly came in threes for this customer who twice defied odds of 1500/1 before beating mammoth odds of 33,000/1 to prove again that small stakes can reap big dividends with our numbers betting.