Two Dublin Customers Conquer Big Odds To Land Lotto Triumph

There must be something in the water in Dublin as two separate punters won stunning Lotto coups using just three lucky numbers.

The luck was shining on the anonymous customers when they placed a €20 treble bet via their local BoyleSports shops on three numbers to come out in the Irish Lotto main draw on Wednesday evening.

One customer needed 3,11 and 33 to be three of the seven numbers to roll out while the second needed 3, 10 and 27. The bonus ball wasn’t even required as all three for both customers came out in the main six, triggering the tasty windfall.

The run of numbers meant the two customers were able to call back into their local shops and exchange their €20 betslips for a stunning amount of €6,620 each.

It only took three numbers so we must congratulate our two punters in Dublin on joining the big winners club and we wish them a happy time with their windfall.