Two Dublin Punters Scoop €24,702 On Same Lotto Numbers

Two lucky Dublin punters hit the jackpot when their Lotto numbers were drawn from Wednesday night’s Irish Lotto.

The first customer turned a €4 stake into an eye watering €15,200 when their bet on the four numbers 2, 7, 29 and 40 clicked in the Irish Lotto main draw.

The second punter scooped €9,502.50 from a €2.50 stake on the same four numbers.

The jammy pair bagged an astounding combined total of €24,702.50 for a combined stake of €6.50.

It’s amazing to see customers get such massive returns off their small stakes, especially when this is compared with the €28 that would have returned if they had done their numbers in their local newsagents.

The appealing odds and potential large returns continue to draw customers to numbers betting.

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*Prices correct at time of publication