Una Intent On Leaving Bressie Red Faced

Voice Of Ireland

Outright Betting

All of the coaches bagged at least one act on the first instalment of the Voice Of Ireland.

Newcomer Una Foden certainly reigned supreme with three acts choosing to join her team who have taken over the betting already.

Patrick Donoghue was the first to take the stage and had all four coaches fighting over him. After deciding to join forces with Una, Patrick has become the early frontrunner at 5/1.

John Sheehy was mistaken for a girl thanks to his high pitched vocals but impressed the judges nevertheless. After following in Patrick’s footsteps and going to team Una, John fast became the 7/1 second favourite.

Kian saw off Rachel Stevens to get Sasha Sangari Smith on his team and he may be glad he did as she is on offer at 12/1 to win. Kian’s other act of the night was a last minute decision to turn for beef farmer Colm Conlon, which may not pay off as he is priced at 100/1.

Rachel’s first grab of the night was Ronan O’Healy who charmed the S Club 7 star with an original song tailored to the Voice Of Ireland but at 100/1, may not go very far. Also joining team Rachel is Sarah McTernan, who had all four coaches turn for her, and is in with a chance of winning at 12/1.

Bressie is the only coach to have just bagged one act, Jolene Burns who is 100/1 to win but he doesn’t seem fazed. As the current champion, he remains the coach to beat, despite drifting out to 15/8. Una’s closing in on Bressie fast and proving she is going to be a tough one to beat as she is installed at 5/2 to have the winning act. Kian and Rachel have been left behind in the dust after the first show with both of the coaches 11/4 shots to win.