Solskjaer Isn’t In Control Of United Dressing Room

What a let down the missed Pogba penalty for Man United was.

Penalty Woes
Should he have taken the penalty? You have a designated penalty taker and the only way that changes is if a player gets injured or is substituted. It seems logical to me to have one penalty taker and that’s it but that doesn’t seem to be the case at Man United.

Marcus Rashford won the penalty against Chelsea on the opening weekend so he immediately picked up the ball. The same happened with Paul Pogba on Monday. Whoever wins the penalty; it’s almost like it’s their rightful place to take that penalty but that should not matter.

I don’t get it. I saw Rashford convert beautifully last week against Chelsea at Old Trafford. He’s got a great record from the spot and Pogba’s record isn’t the best. This could be one of those major incidents where they look back at the end of the season and wish it had turned out different.

To me, it looks like weak management.

If a manager is coming out and saying that he has two designated penalty takers and it’s up to them to sort it out on the pitch, then that means he’s not in complete control of the dressing room.

I don’t know what will happen going forward but it seemed a very vague answer to give in his interview.

I thought Man United played better than last weekend against Chelsea. Once the second half started, Wolves came out different, causing United problems.

On the face of it, given United’s record, it’s not a bad point but with what happened with the penalty they should have had three points and that could cost them at the end of the season, especially for a Champions League spot.

VAR Incident
At the start of the season, when I first saw the new rule about the ball hitting the hand or arm in the lead up to a goal being given as a foul against the team who committed the offence, I thought that can’t be right.

Having said that, it was made very clear and by the laws of the game the decision was correct but we all know that it wasn’t a handball.

Ultimately, Man City should have won the game and they deserved to win with how they played. They were totally dominant.