Virtual €10 Bet Turns Out To Be €10,976 Reality

A Co. Carlow native turned virtual prospects into a reality when they struck big at Melling Brook on Thursday.

The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, placed a €10 Tricast in their local BoyleSports shop on the 3.17pm virtual horse race at Melling Brook.

The selections were No. 7 Sky Walker to place 1st, No. 9 Parachute Club to place 2nd and No. 8 Jersay Royal to place 3rd.

With all three virtual horses placing as predicted, the customer’s €10 was quickly turned into a staggering €10,976.70.

It’s great to see customers win big and we want to offer our sincere congratulations to the Carlow punter who scooped a fantastic €10,976.70 for their €10 virtual racing tricast on Thursday!