Wee County Punter Strikes It Lucky In €13,000 Win

BoyleSports has been hit yet again with another big Lotto pay-out following Wednesday night’s Irish Lotto Draw.

A lucky county Louth customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, placed €2 on the numbers 16-25-35-42 to be drawn from six numbers last night.

The numbers came out in the Lotto main draw which saw the customer defy the odds of 6,500/1 and net themselves a whopping €13,502 for their €2 stake.

The punters are certainly getting lucky with numbers this week as the latest winner follows on from a bashing in Tuesday night’s EuroMillions draw.

We would like to congratulate the Louth customer on their winnings. I reckon it’s fair to say that we will be happy to see the month of August come to an end as we have got a beating on Lottery payouts throughout the month.