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What Cheltenham Week Was Like Around Sir Alex Ferguson At United

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest manager’s to ever grace the Premier League but he is also known for his fondness for horse racing.

We caught up with Man United legend Dwight Yorke who played under Sir Alex Ferguson during his time at Old Trafford. Yorke gave us his insight into what it was like being around Ferguson and the rest of his Man United teammates during the Cheltenham Festival and how it differed from a normal week at the club.

Yorke also gave us his take on where Mo Salah ranks among the best wingers in Premier League history and gave us his opinion on the biggest storylines in Scottish football right now.

Sir Alex Ferguson During Cheltenham Week

Q. It’s the Cheltenham Festival this week and Sir Alex Ferguson is a man that is famous for his love of horse racing. What are your memories of being around him during Cheltenham Festival week?

I’m not too into horse racing but I have been to Cheltenham a few times. Sir Alex Ferguson was always keen on it though, it was about the only time you’d see him outside his comfort zone and it was something he’d get excited for. It’s no secret he loves the sport, he has a few horses himself, and it’s a sport close to his heart.

You could tell because he always had his phone in his jacket, the phone would go off and he would go on it.

Ferguson is allowed to have his own passion outside of football and Cheltenham was one of them.

You always knew a race was on when he was on his phone, he would check it for updates while we were training in the Cheltenham week.

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Man United During Cheltenham Week

Q. Were many of your team mates at United into horse racing and who was the best tipster? 

We spoke about Cheltenham before training but I was never keen on horse racing, I’d be excited for the day out. I met the great Italian legend, Frankie Dettori, a few times and that was my highlight of the world of horse racing.

Q. Do you have any other memories of horse racing?

I went to the Kentucky Derby in America once, the Melbourne Cup and the Royal Ascot a few times. Mainly for the day out and not the races.

Salah The Best Winger In Premier League History?

Q. Despite this being a poor season for Salah, he’s broken the record for most goals for Liverpool in Premier League history, and is only 5 goals and assists behind Haaland in all competitions, is he the best winger in Premier League history?

Mohamed Salah is up there with the best wingers in Premier League history, but despite that and all the noise Liverpool will make about how good their team is under Jurgen Klopp, you’d think they should be winning more. Liverpool have only won one Premier League title in 30 years. Yes, they play great football and have been instrumental in the past few seasons.

Salah has been consistent and that’s what the greats of the game do. He’s not in the Cristiano Ronaldo bracket yet, but he has been great over the past five years and this is another tremendous season for him despite what position Liverpool are currently in. But all the noise that Liverpool making and they’re not in the FA Cup, lost in Carabao Cup and are not in the title race, they’re not in a better position than Manchester United.

Liverpool don’t have a trophy this season and are below Manchester United in the league table, on that basis, Liverpool are in a worse position. And all for what Salah is doing, it’s great for his personal accolades but you want that to be backed up by trophies.

In the seven years he’s been there, he’s won one Champions League, one League Cup, one FA Cup and one Premier League, to be a real great you have to win more Premier League titles.

Dwight Yorke Interested In Aberdeen Manager Job

Q. Aberdeen are still searching for a new manager, do you remain interested in that vacancy?

I’m a manager seeking a job because I currently don’t have one and so I can’t turn my nose up at any job. I have to respect every team, and Aberdeen are a huge club. The greatest manager of all time has managed them so I’m fully aware of their history.

I’ve always admired Scottish football and as an aspiring manager, if there becomes a point where I am the guy to take them forward then I want to have that conversation.

That conversation hasn’t happened yet but I’m in the same boat as every other manager having to apply for jobs so that’s what I’ve done.

Q. Aberdeen are in talks again with Chris Wilder – do you respect him as a manager?

I know of Chris. If Aberdeen are looking for a young, innovative, aspiring manager who wants to play good, attacking football on the front foot then I’m the guy they need.

If you’re looking for an old, traditional guy with experience then maybe I’m not the right guy, but if you want some excitement and more fans through the turnstile then I am the guy they need.

I can come with new ideas, excitement and make people have an identity with the club again.

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Can The Old Firm’s Dominance Be Broken In Scotland

Q. Ally McCoist recently praised your ambition for suggesting you could break the two-horse domination of Celtic and Rangers. Was it nice to hear that?

It was nice to hear Ally McCoist’s comments. To have a recommendation from Ally, who’s not only respect as a player, but also as a pundit is great. It’s an amazing thing to hear from him and I feel that when you look at Scottish football’s dominance from the top two, people just accept that and I’m always one to defy the odds. I’ve always like the underdogs. Leicester City winning the Premier League is a prime example.

Breaking the Old Firm’s dominance can be done, but it won’t be done if everyone keeps hyping up the two clubs. It’s not impossible to break them, that’s always been my mindset. You have to try and change the narrative to be successful. If you don’t, then you won’t ever achieve it.

Q. Others, like Rangers legend Barry Ferguson, laughed off the claim. What did you make of that?

Barry is a Rangers boy isn’t he, so you can understand his loyalty. I know Barry because I played with him at Blackburn. I’ve been a winner everywhere I’ve gone as a player, I won at Sunderland, Man United, Sydney and Aston Villa. You won’t win if you don’t believe in yourself.

Breaking the Old Firm isn’t impossible and I just don’t understand how people have that mindset because it’s not the way I think. That’s why I’m different from everyone else.

Q. Would you consider taking on any other jobs in the Scottish Premiership, Championship or Premier League?

I would treat every job opportunity with respect, not just in English football. I’m still new as a manager and I still have lots to learn. Before I eventually end up in the Premier League I need a year or two learning my trade in a lesser league, so to speak.

I’m two years away from where I want to be as a manager so I will take any experience I can get because I like to experience different cultures and enjoy taking on challenges in different parts of the world.

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