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What Is Pep Guardiola Like As A Manager? Former Player Sagna Reveals

He’s one of the all-time Premier League greats in terms of titles, but from a player’s perspective – what is Pep Guardiola like as a manager?

Guardiola now has four Premier League titles as manager of Manchester City. This tally puts him second on the list of most Premier League titles behind only the great Sir Alex Ferguson but ahead of both Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger.

Although money has certainly not been in short supply during Pep’s reign in Manchester it is hard to not credit him as one of the better managers of this era.

But what is it like to play under Guardiola as a player? We put this question to Bacary Sagna who played under Guardiola at Man City.

In this post you can read all about what Guardiola is like as a manager along with what the Financial Fair Play sanctions could mean for City and who could be in line to replace Pep.

What Pep Guardiola Is Like As A Manager

Q. How demanding is Pep Guardiola?

Players need to adapt to Pep Guardiola, if you don’t then you’ll be on the bench or out of the club. Guardiola is very demanding tactically, physically and with a player’s skills. Guardiola has been successful everywhere he’s been, so players do adapt to him.

At Barcelona, Guardiola sold Samuel Eto’o because he was not a fan of him. Guardiola also was not a fan of Yaya Toure because he was not putting enough effort in physically and pressing.

It’s not about an individual’s qualities, it’s about how Guardiola wants to play football.

I did not fit in with how Guardiola wanted to play because he wanted me to come inside and play in the middle of the park, which was not my main quality. Naturally, he had to make choices and bring players in that fit his style.

I’m not surprised Guardiola pushed Sergio Aguero, he had so many qualities but not the main one to play under Guardiola, Aguero was smart enough to adapt to his style.

They are the two most successful managers in Premier League history but who is better – Sir Alex Ferguson or Pep Guardiola?


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Vincent Kompany As The Next Man City Manager?

Q. Vincent Kompany is doing brilliant things at Burnley. Should Manchester City consider him for life after Pep Guardiola?

It’s too early for Vincent Kompany to take over Manchester City if Pep Guardiola was going to leave.

It’s a big change going from Burnley to one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Kompany will be one of the top coaches in the future but I don’t see him joining a top club at such an early stage yet, but what he’s doing now is no surprise because of how much of a leader he is.

Mikel Arteta To Make A Man City Return?

Q. Would Mikel Arteta be the better fit there?

Mikel Arteta would be suited to the Manchester City manager job because he’ll know how they work and would not change the spine of the club.

He already knows the people and players, the fact that Pep Guardiola took him as his assistant coach at a young age is a huge statement and knew how good he could be.

Are Arsenal Now On The Same Level As Man City

Q. Arsenal went through a period of selling their best players to Manchester City, including you. Do you think Arsenal have finally got to the point where players wouldn’t leave for City?

There were a lot of Arsenal players that went to Manchester City. I wanted a new challenge for myself after being at Arsenal for seven years, going to Manchester City was a personal decision.

It was known that at Manchester City, the competition was harder which would make you into a better player.

Financial Fair Play Sanctions For Man City

Q. Manchester City have been accused of financial fair play breaches, with some even calling for them to be relegated. What are your thoughts on that?

Relegation would be crazy for Manchester City. All teams invest a lot and some do it in a smart way.

But this is not my field, I will not analyse the situation, but I’m sure that Manchester City will come out clean.

Q. We know Pep Guardiola always defends his players and the club in interviews, but do you think he might be worried about Manchester City’s situation even though he said he’d stay no matter what?

Pep Guardiola knows how the club is run and the people behind it. This year all the allegations are about Manchester City, but next year it could be about another team. Because it’s Manchester City, there’s a lot more attraction to it because they’re one of the biggest teams in the world.

It’s been the case with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus in the past, and in the future, I’m sure it will be about a team like PSG or another.

Q. Would it be sad for Arsenal if they were to win the title, but only because City were docked points? Does it taint their title win?

Arsenal are the best team in the league, it won’t be sad if they win the Premier League only because Manchester City have been docked points if they are found guilty from the allegations.

Back in 2007, Manchester United were strong and we were too, we lost both games against them and they went and won the league. I have a feeling whoever wins the head-to-head games will win the league this season too.

Will Man City Sign Jude Bellingham?

Q. Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan aren’t getting any younger and Bernardo Silva wants to leave the country. Is Jude Bellingham a must-buy for Man City?

Manchester City will have a replacement in mind for their ageing midfield, whoever it is, it will be a big addition to the squad.

Jude Bellingham would be a great signing for them, he will want to go back to England because it’s his home.

But he has interest from Liverpool and Real Madrid, Manchester City will have a difficult competition to attract him.

Theo Hernandez To Man City?

Q. Should Manchester City sign Theo Hernandez?

Manchester City should look towards the academy for a new left-back.

But Theo Hernandez could be a good player for them to get, he had a big impact for AC Milan last season. He has matured now too, he just needs to improve defensively and he can be a very well-balanced full-back.


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