Wolfe Down But Magical Moments In BoyleSports IGD Third Round

BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby 2019

Outright Market

It will take me a while to calm down after that weekend of action.

Did you watch the Dublin v Kerry All-Ireland SFC? Well, if you didn’t make sure you watch the replay. I was LITERALLY on the edge of my seat for most of the match, making a show of myself in Croke Park roaring and screaming at the Dubs!

We wanted a close match and we got one but the boys in blue will be boys in tears if they don’t get their act together on September 14th. Up The Dubs!

Shelbourne Park was electric on Saturday night as HQ embraced all greyhound enthusiasts with open arms. If the shock of Kerry nearly winning the All-Ireland on Sunday wasn’t enough for you then you should have came to the dogs on Saturday for the third round of the BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby as it had everything.

The biggest news is that WOLFE is gone from the derby.

So sad to see him go but he will be back and hopefully run on derby final night. It was a weird race with unfortunate results as Laughil Josh fell and brought Wolfe down with him causing mayhem, but it made no difference to Grangeview Ten as he was out and gone and remains unbeaten is this derby.

Dromrich Altair delighted his connections getting up for second and Toolmaker Daddy was third. Grangeview Ten is running so well for Patrick Guilfoyle and his price has been trimmed into 8/1 from 12/1.

After all the excitement and drama, this week I will pick my top three moments but you already know what my favourite is going to be. MAGICAL BALE.

Number 1 Moment
Watching Magical Bale cruise to victory from trap one on Saturday night was the best thing ever and his owners were there from the UK after getting the ferry across. They were THRILLED with his performance and they even thanked me for mentioning in a previous blog that I will pray for Magical Bale throughout the derby.

Well lads, the prayers are working, and he is still there. He has trap one in the quarter finals so there is someone upstairs listening to me anyway. Thank you to Patrick Guilfoyle for letting me get some photos with Bale straight after his win, he is such a poser! He looks incredible, you can almost see yourself he is that shiny and it shows in his races.

He clocked 29.46 which is his fastest clock so far in this derby.

Come on Bale, just three more runs like that and the derby is yours. The queue of bitches for you when you retire to stud is going to be massive, you lucky thing.

Magical is 6/1 from 10/1.

Number 2 Moment
Yes, I know I’m so predictable but how can you not pick Killmacdonagh as one of your top moments. She stole the show again. It’s hard to explain how good she was if you were not there to see her. She had the WOW factor, the X factor, and blew us all away with a display of pure class and heart. What a bitch.

Kieran, can I just put in an order for one of her puppies now, beat the queue like? Sound, thanks! 19 victories she has now, that’s 19 times she has beaten the best greyhounds in the game and all by a little 66lbs bitch. Good things come in small packages and her heat this Saturday against Magical Bale is going to be one hell of a race.


Killmacdonagh has won her last 8 races now which is ridiculous in this sport, it’s very hard to maintain that at such a high level having ran in two Oaks (won them), Dundalk International (won that too she is such a show off) and now three rounds of the BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby in 29.39, 29.45 and 29.61. Keep shining Killmacdonagh.

She is 6/1 from 8/1.

Number 3 Moment
3-year old Highview Micro didn’t win but he qualified behind Mucky Brae and everyone at the track was delighted for Gerry Merriman. From Co Offaly, Gerry just oozes niceness, always chatty and in good form, not to mention always at hand with advice on anything greyhound racing and farming.

Highview Micro is running well, very well in fact and wouldn’t it be great to see a man like Gerry win the derby. All his life he has been training dogs, up and down the road most days and nights of the week trialling and racing dogs but he has never won the derby. He is a seller too as my dad Lar and I bought my bitch Brewers Sarah off him a few years back for a small price and she won plenty of races for me as well as two coursing cups, giving us some of the best days with wonderful memories.

He is honest as the day is long and I really hope he gets to the final with a bit of luck.

Highview is 100/1 to win the derby but the dream is still alive for his owner Dermot Kilmurray.

Best of luck Gerry, you are one of the good guys.

Get on down to Shelbourne Park this Saturday! Have a flutter if you fancy it and if you don’t then just come along for the craic and the atmosphere. It’s only €10 in and a great place to take the family. Enjoy the derby fever, see you all Saturday night.

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